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The Cleanest, Most Cost-effective Wood Waste Disposal


most black carbon is generated from the open burning of wood waste?

Ray Walker Trucking helps to solve this problem by offering the industry's best solution for eliminating smoke and carbon emissions from the burning of wood waste, stopping the harmful particles from going into the air and our atmosphere, which is essentially choking our planet!  If you have wood waste to burn, we can help you!

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The Dangers of Black Carbon

Black Carbon absorbs heat up to 1,500 times more than CO2 while in the atmosphere. Once it has fallen back to Earth, it accelerates the melting of glaciers and ice caps (IPCC) contributing to rising sea levels. A component of Black Carbon can be invisibly small and if inhaled can exacerbate diseases, like lung cancer and heart disease. Black carbon is the second-largest contributor to climate change after carbon dioxide. If we cut the amount of black carbon we release into the air, we could immediately slow the pace of climate change.

Our Solution...

The AirBurner


Large & Small Land Clearings

Stumps & Brush

Vegetative Debris

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The Air Burner Firebox is the cleanest end solution for unwanted wood waste.  The firebox accepts whole logs and has no preprocessing requirements like chipping or grinding - if it fits in the top, it will burn.  At the end of a burning cycle, the ash will only be 1-2% of the original waste pile.  If you burn all day long, you won't even have enough ash to fill up a standard pick up truck.

Technologies have been proven worldwide for 25 years that the air burner can curtain trap black carbon emissions, which prevents their escape into the atmosphere.  The machine is fully portable and can be placed close to the waste wood source.  Let our Air Burner guide you toward a cleaner and greener environment, while fighting climate change.

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